“The Revolutionary Medical Information System”

DG-Cloud is an advanced Electronic Health Recording (EHR) System. It has custom software modules that consolidate all information into an intelligent user-friendly system specifically designed to help your medical institute run smoothly.

It is a cohesive web-based system that compiles data for more streamlined operations, enhanced administration, superior patient care and stricter cost control that improves the overall profitability.

  • For Clinics
  • For Medical Centers
  • For Hospitals (HIMS)
  • For Clinic Chains
  • For Dentals
  • For Pharmacies

“Nepal’s pioneering Electronic Health Recording System”

“All Your Medical Data, Managed In One Place: DG-Cloud”

Customized to your need.


  • One Time Patient Registration
  • Patient Card
  • Fully integrated system that connects each part of the hospital
  • Accessible Health Records
  • Visit Summary of Patient
  • Add/Edit/Verify Lab Tests and Reports
  • Medication Prescription and Billing
  • Available Blood Components and Blood Donors Information
  • Staff Management
  • Duty Roster Management
  • Easy and User-Friendly
  • Scheduling and Reporting
  • Easy Billing System
  • Instant IPD Discharge Billing
  • Doctor’s Fraction
  • Accounting and Book-Keeping
  • Store Keeping and Inventory Management
  • Equipment Maintenance and Records
  • Administrative reports and Records
  • Fully Customizable for Your Needs


‎Going to the hospital as a patient can be a challenging event. DTRG provides a quick and easy process from registration to exit for greater patient care.

  • Quick access to Patient Records
  • Accurate and up-to-date Patient Information
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Better Care Coordination
  • Improved Diagnostics and Patient Outcomes
  • Enabling more Reliable Prescribing
  • Helping promote legible, Complete Documentation
  • Accurate Billing
  • Increased Accountability and Accuracy
  • Reducing Costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health.
  • Prevent discrepancies of complex Staff Duty Roster.

DG-Basic Plan

The DG Basic Plan is the primary plan suitable for small-scale healthcare providers, giving simple solutions to simple problems.

DG-Standard Plan

The DG Standard Plan provides a well-rounded set of services, ideal for intermediate healthcare providers.

DG-Premium Plan

The DG Premium Plan is an all-inclusive plan best suited for major healthcare providers. It offers the highest range of services from medical data management to complete human resource data management.

DTRG Network's DG Cloud is the best hospital management system designed, developed, supported and run by Nepalese.

We are DTRG, We Create Solutions.


Our mission is to help improve the healthcare system in Nepal by going paperless and hassle-free. The system is analysis-oriented, making all managerial processes digital and therefore easy to track. Hospitals should no longer have to worry about tedious physical record keeping and the costs associated with it.


We aim to increase the maintenance of Electronic Health Records (EHR) by encouraging hospitals in Nepal to implement the DG-Cloud system, in a step to advance the country’s healthcare system. The end goal is having a centralized data system where patient records are accessible across various hospitals and clinics.


We also provide overall managerial data as opposed to being solely a patient tracking software. Our software is available to help you tackle any managerial step, from complicated doctor schedules to medical data cataloguing. Our all-in-one platform caters to your hospital’s every need.

Get customized solutions for your business.


Get customized solutions for your business.