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Founded in 2010, DTRG is an Electronic Health Recording (EHR) system and Nepal’s pioneering health care software and associated services company. We create medical information system to help you store all your medical and management-related data in a user-friendly and highly organized way.

EHR is the future of healthcare, and DTRG proudly brings it to your hospital.
We are passionate about providing only the best services that we can offer, and are constantly innovating to help make your work easier. Our programs are customized to best suit your hospital’s organizational needs, creating the ideal management web application for you.

This is an all in one platform made in Nepal for the future of Nepal. After all, the health of a country is it’s backbone.

DTRG Network's DG Cloud is the best Electronic Health Recording (EHR) system designed, developed, supported and run by Nepalese.

We are DTRG, We Create Solutions.


Our mission is to help improve the healthcare system in Nepal by going paperless and hassle-free. The system is analysis-oriented, making all managerial processes digital and therefore easy to track. Hospitals should no longer have to worry about tedious physical record keeping and the costs associated with it.


We aim to increase the maintenance of Electronic Health Records (EHR) by encouraging hospitals in Nepal to implement the DG-Cloud system, in a step to advance the country’s healthcare system. The end goal is having a centralized data system where patient records are accessible across various hospitals and clinics.


We also provide overall managerial data as opposed to being solely a patient tracking software. Our software is available to help you tackle any managerial step, from complicated doctor schedules to medical data cataloguing. Our all-in-one platform caters to your hospital’s every need.

The Revolutionary Medical Information System


Hospital trips can be tedious for patients even when they’re for simple routine check-ups, running from pillar to post to make payments, submit samples and collect reports. Even for hospital, so much is spent on physical record keeping. Maintaining a strict account of all these steps is not only time-consuming but also space-consuming.

The DG-Cloud System, developed by DTRG aims to eliminate all of these inconveniences. We aim to lessen the burden in an already stressful field. Doctors across hospitals can easily access all patient records for better diagnosis and treatments. Patients no longer need to worry about managing their own records.

The DG-Cloud System is an advanced Electronic Health Recording (EHR) system. It has custom software modules that consolidate all information into an intelligent user-friendly system specifically designed to help your medical institute run smoothly.

Doctors are able to communicate easily between departments. Patient records are all gathered in one place for easy access.
It is a cohesive web-based system that compiles data for more streamlined operations, enhanced administration, superior patient care and stricter cost control that improves the overall profitability.