Laboratory Module


"for small clinics to multi-chain hospitals"


Fully Integrated System

DTRG provides a fully integrated system that connects each part of the hospital.

No Limitation

We allow for having an unlimited user base, and can manage extensive amounts of patient data.

Fully Customizable

We provide the customizable solutions for your business as per your needs.


The Laboratory module automates the investigation request, processes them and updates the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. Laboratory module starts with receiving the online request from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests themselves. It performs various tests under Biochemistry, Cytology, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, etc.


  • View new test to be performed added by IPD/OPD Nurses
  • View current IPD and OPD Patients
  • Statistics of all the tests to done
  • Delete duplicate or faulty test requests
  • Add/Edit Tests
  • Print stickers for collected samples
  • Fully editable Custom report format for each test along with sample reports
  • Automatically Pend tests that takes more than a day to process or whose report hasn’t been created yet
  • Easily distinguish whether test is complete or not with check mark or cross
  • View Pending tests and search for tests
  • Automatically distinguish abnormality by setting up Normal Range for various age group
  • Select Antibiotic used to perform tests
  • Automatic recording of who performed the test
  • Edit tests reports in case of error
  • Test Verification by authorized person
  • Update reports from samples dispatched to external laboratory
  • Search, view and print reports
  • Monthly reporting


  • Quick access to Patient Records
  • Accurate and up-to-date Patient Information
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Better Care Coordination
  • Improved Diagnostics and Patient Outcomes
  • Enabling more Reliable Prescribing
  • Helping promote legible, Complete Documentation
  • Accurate Billing
  • Increased Accountability and Accuracy
  • Reducing Costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health.
  • Prevent discrepancies of complex Staff Duty Roster.


We plan precise solutions for your specific organizational problems, creating applications that are efficient and easy to use.