Human Resource Module


"for small clinics to multi-chain hospitals"


Fully Integrated System

DTRG provides a fully integrated system that connects each part of the hospital.

No Limitation

We allow for having an unlimited user base, and can manage extensive amounts of patient data.

Fully Customizable

We provide the customizable solutions for your business as per your needs.


Human Resource module exists to help managers enter information of staff, schedule them, manage leaves, control overtime and view attendance records. This module also provides access to various systems available in the application by assigning various roles to the employees and setting up departments and categories.


  • Manage staff information and list
  • Set-up departments, categories and shifts
  • Set-up different types of leaves and holidays
  • Create username and password and reset passwords when needed
  • Assign system roles and give access
  • Schedule staff according to Nepali calendar
  • Assign supervisors to schedule staff
  • View daily or monthly attendance report with clock-in times and scheduled shifts
  • Make changes to employees’ shifts
  • View shift change, overtime and leave request and approve or deny them
  • Schedule substitutes and fix schedule in case of absent employees.
  • Manage and track leaves, approve and adjust them.
  • View employee attendance record on hourly or shift basis
  • Submitting Staff Attendance Record to Accounts for Payroll
  • Generate reports according to department, category or individual


  • Quick access to Patient Records
  • Accurate and up-to-date Patient Information
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Better Care Coordination
  • Improved Diagnostics and Patient Outcomes
  • Enabling more Reliable Prescribing
  • Helping promote legible, Complete Documentation
  • Accurate Billing
  • Increased Accountability and Accuracy
  • Reducing Costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health.
  • Prevent discrepancies of complex Staff Duty Roster.


We plan precise solutions for your specific organizational problems, creating applications that are efficient and easy to use.