1. What does the DG-Cloud software do?

DG-Cloud software is a web- based fully integrated hospital management software system. It helps operations run smoothly by organizing and compiling all medical and management data of the hospital/clinic.

2. How many modules does DG-Cloud have?

DG-Cloud software has 20 core modules available for use, ranging from Patient Registration to Internal Messaging.

3. How is DG-Cloud different from other such software?

DG-Cloud is the first made-in-Nepal hospital management software. The program can be customized based on your organizational needs to provide effective solutions to your specific problems.

4. What is your customer support system?

We provide 24/7 remote support. In case of emergency, we also provide onsite support.

5. Who all can use DG-Cloud?

DG-Cloud aims to be widely accessible. The software available for use by anyone who requires it. There is no specific criteria or qualification needed to use DG-Cloud.

6. How does it work?

DG-Cloud is simple and user-friendly. It has a one-time patient entry system that compiles all data into one place that can be accessed easily.

7. Does it need 24/7 internet connection to operate?

It is a cloud-based software and does require internet access in order to operate. However, it can be installed in local intranet connections and used without internet in some cases. Having an internet connection is recommended.

8. Will the DG-Cloud system connect to my ward-based equipment?

The DG-Cloud system can be connected to any equipment with digital output OR any modern equipment having API support.

9. Is this system customizable?

DG-Cloud can be customized to best fit all your requirements, making it an ideal solution for your organizational problems.

10. How much training is needed to use DG-Cloud?

We conduct 6 weeks of training at the beginning. Additional training is provided at any time that you need it throughout our contract period.

11. What is the minimum server specification to run DG-Cloud software?

In case your operations are Cloud-based, no server is required to run DG-Cloud. However, if your organization runs on an intranet-based system, the server specifications are based on the volume of data transactions.

12. How secure is the patient data?

We provide SSL based encryption with 100% guarantee to ensure the security of your data.